94,690 Reasons to focus on the Long Term - The Hyperion Effect

I’m still shattered, 3 full days afterwards I still can’t believe that we gave up a 32 point lead to Carlton……..It had to be them too didn’t it. As I trudged my way home on Sunday night with pesky Blues supporters rubbing salt into the wound it seemed like it had all been a great big waste of a season. Many of the 94,690 people at the G, probably had the same empty feeling that inevitably comes from opportunity lost and for long suffering Richmond supporters we know plenty about opportunity lost!

But then the sun rises and you can start to think more clearly and work through the process in your mind of what it all means. The roller coaster of emotions that many Tiger supporters have ridden over the past 48 hours will cover the full gamut but eventually it will make an upward turn as we realise there is a longer term plan in play.

The toughest part of any plan is sticking to it when it looks like the wheels are falling off. Do we have the right strategy?, Did we make a mistake that we should be aware of?, Are we heading in the right direction? These are all things that people will question and many abandon their plan believing that it has failed. However for those that stick to the plan, make adjustments along the way and adapt to the changing circumstances the spoils will come.

The discipline the Tigers have shown over the past years as they stuck to the plan, one which was widely ridiculed when it was announced,  is an example of  what we all need to do with our personal planning. When markets go down, legislation changes or other unforseen events throw the plan off course sticking to the plan is the most important thing you can do.

Making adjustments, correcting your course and dealing the challenges that are thrown at you are all part of IMPLEMENTING the plan. Just like thinking about exercise won’t make you physically fit, its implementing your plan, adjusting it for circumstances and seeing it to its conclusion is where you will get all the results.

To all of those Tiger supporters out there, remember we have a plan, we are adjusting it and we are sticking to it and our next flag will be the result of implementing it. So if your footy team has a plan do you? Many people go through life without sitting down, talking about what’s important and then building a plan to make it happen, even fewer implement it, and even fewer still stick to it.

If you don’t have a plan, let me know and I will work with you to put one together that will help you align your financial choices with your goals and values and provide you with the clarity to focus on the long term……… but maybe give me a few more days to recover.

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