All the way with LBJ - The Hyperion Effect

No, not Johnson, James…..LeBron James who according to a recent Forbes article, in addition to being the best basketballer in the world is also its greatest shoe salesmen. On the back of one of the greatest 12 months runs in professional sport where he won a championship, a gold medal, was voted the league MVP and led his team on the second longest winning streak in the history of the NBA, he also helped Nike sell a few shoes.

During 2012 his shoes generated a staggering $300m in revenue for Nike, with his next closest rival Kobe Bryant (who is probably just as well known) selling a mere $50m. Check out the rankings below


LeBron James (Nike): $300 million

Kobe Bryant (Nike): $50 million

Carmelo Anthony (Jordan): $40 million

Kevin Durant (Nike): $35 million

Derrick Rose (Adidas): $25 million

John Wall (Reebok): $5 million

Dwight Howard (Adidas): $5 million

Oh and in case you were wondering, another bloke by the name of Michael Jordan (who has his own full brand with Nike) generated an estimated $60m in sponsorship from Nike 10 YEARS AFTER HE RETIRED, While it is estimated that Nike pays James a mere $20m per year.

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