Bull Market Durations - The Hyperion Effect

Interesting chart from Barry Ritholtz over at The Big Picture looking at Bull market runs from the bottom of the market. As you can see the average is 3.8 years with the current rally only being 1.8 years so we may have some time to run. There is a word of caution though that the run up from March 2009 is significantly higher than any other period when looked at over a two year period.  

So does that mean that you should take your money and run? Well if you know somthing that no one else in the world does then the answer maybe yes. In reality though no one can accurately predict when a bull run is finished (nor when a bear market has bottomed) so the smart decision is always to remain invested.

I will post something in the coming weeks about the devastating effect being out of the market can have on a portfolios long term returns.

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