Coming into Focus - The Hyperion Effect

Today’s post has been some time coming. I started writing this around April last year, or more appropriately  I saw the cartoon 12 months ago, and for one reason or another it slipped down the list. However on stumbling across it again, I realized that whilst simple it gives a very powerful message.

These days there seems to be so many  different things going on and it feels like its becoming increasingly difficult to manage and keep track of everything going on around us. The 24 hour news cycle is relentless in telling us what is happening minute by minute, you only need to look at the farcical events in Canberra this afternoon to understand what I mean. It’s also pertinent, using this event as an example, to recognize that for you and I it is all meaningless.

I don’t mean to say that it is not important who is running our country, and lord knows we need someone  competent to do that, but in terms of the impact on the daily life of you and I, it has  very little effect. The cartoon below encompasses that notion extremely simply.

There are important things that matter and there are many things that you can control (and a lot that you can’t) so the most important thing to focus on is the cross over between those two areas. Now if you don’t now what either of those things are, maybe you should sit down with an Adviser like me to help bring those things into focus.

Things to Focus On

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