How do you measure success? - The Hyperion Effect

Its an interesting question and one that got me thinking after I read this article in the Washington Post around U.S. Government attempts to allocate money to programs that are more successful. This is an incredibly difficult thing to do at the Government level and raises more questions such as before you measure it how do you define it? Success means different things to different people so in our business the first step to measuring success is to understand what it is that someone is trying to achieve. I often use the analogy of an Investment property to illustrate this point when people tell me that they have a goal to buy one. I then ask them if once they have bought it would they deem this goal to be successfully achieved?, with most responding no, it will be successful once its rises in value. From here we can go down many paths, but primarily I then ask, well once its risen in value what will you do, with one common answer being, I will use the rent to fund my retirement……….

So in this example we are not trying to measure whether we bought an investment property or not as being success, instead we are defining success as that investment property being able to provide sufficient income to fund the goal of retirement. It might seem like a minor, or even pedantic, distinction but it is crucial in trying to to not only understand what your goals are, but whether you are successful in achieving them. So as you read this article contemplate some of the areas in your life that you have goals and whether firstly, it is a goal and not a stepping stone to one, if if it is (or wherever the stepping stone took you) how would YOU measure success.

And this is how we work with clients and deliver value to them in 3 clear and measurable ways

  1. We help them align their Financial Choices with their Goals and Values;
  2. We get their entire financial house in order and have a plan in place to keep it that way forever; and
  3. We give them confidence that no matter what happens in the world, the markets or the economy they have the highest probability of achieving their goals for the reasons that are important to them

In our world, all of these are clear and measurable, are they clear in yours and have you measured them lately?

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