Some men see things as they are........ - The Hyperion Effect

……..and say why?, I dreamed things that never were and say why not?

Its a great quote that was ultimately spoken in that form by Ted Kennedy in the Eulogy of his assassinated brother Robert who had used a variation of this which he originally drew from George Bernard Shaw. Its also a bit of a complicated explanation of the quote which you will more than likely remember as one of those obscure facts that gets lodged in our brains.

Now lets imagine that you added up all of those obscure facts and cleared out that space in your mind and filled it with the details of what your goals, objectives and aspirations where and even more importantly the detailed plan that you have in place that is going to give you the highest probability of achieving them. How much of that space do you think it would fill up?. All of it?, 50%?, 25%?………..just ponder that for a few moments.

Truth is I don’t know what the answer is for you but I bet it would be less than 10% because the majority of people haven’t spent time considering either. Of the small fraction that have considered their goals in detail, few have taken the next step to create a plan to make it happen, and an even smaller fraction of this number are actually implementing their plan.

So as we all start to go into crazy busy mode in the lead up to Xmas why don’t you make a mental note that during the break you give consideration to thinking about what some of your goals might be and then make a commitment to do something about it…..(you can send me a message anytime to catch up for a chat and even better a Financial Road Map with you and your Partner).

And while you are pondering what you goals are remember the last two words of the quote………Why Not?

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